Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Atrocity Is Too Egregious For the Left, When Visited Upon Americans

Undocumented sex offenders left in Seattle-area neighborhoods without tracking

"SEATTLE — After digging through hundreds of ZIP codes, KIRO 7 found 11 convicted sex offenders in the country illegally living across western Washington neighborhoods.

The government has tried to deport most of these people, but a Supreme Court ruling requires they be released after six months in jail, if their home country won't take them back."
Releasing illegals who are also otherwise criminals as well into American communities is an ongoing atrocity, and has been happening openly for several years. It is now an expectation of US government.


Steven Satak said...

Probably from reading too much Louis L'Amour, but this entry brings the images of a rope and a cottonwood tree to mind.

Stan said...

I'd say not too much; more like just enough.