Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Longer Sure That Trump is a False Flag Candidate

No Lefty could have responded as Trump did to the Univision issue.
Univision's Attack on Donald Trump Backfires

"So. As a result of Univision’s decidedly unthought-thorough stab at partisan politics they received in return 1) a lawsuit for breach of contract over the cancellation of the Miss Universe Pageant; 2) a lawsuit for defamation (the poster comparing Trump to the racist killer in Charleston; 3) its executives have been booted from the Trump golf course; 4) a once convivial agreement on building a gate between neighboring properties has been ordered closed; 5) there is now a demand for the resignation of the executive who posted the defaming poster; 6) the private letter revealing anchorman Ramos to be beseeching Trump for an interview has been publicly released; and…and 6;) Trump has received a boatload of priceless publicity that appears as his numbers surge in the polls.

Well done Univision! If this is the company’s idea of humiliating a Republican presidential candidate other GOP candidates are going to demand equal, Trump-style treatment from the network.

While this particular media episode has a Hispanic flavor, in fact it is one more example of life in the liberal media bubble. One can only imagine the conversations that went on internally in Univision.

Executive One: “Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s cancel Trump’s pageant!”

Executive Two:” Great idea! That’ll show him!”

Executive Three: “Yeah..yeah…that’s the ticket! And I have a great idea for a poster too!”

In other words? In the world of the liberal media bubble there was no one there to say: “What? Are you crazy? These are seriously bad ideas!”
If this is just Trump being a Lefty who is "acting like" a hardened business-conservative, he's a very good actor. Univision was playing with dynamite, or so it appears from the outside, peering in. Univision is pretty much in Hillary's pocket, so nothing has been lost by Trump. And much has been gained.

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