Thursday, June 25, 2015

Repurposing For The Next Rebellion

By pointing out the racism attached to the Southern Democrat secessionist flag and its inappropriateness for official use, sane minds have enabled and triggered the SJWs inadvertently. The SJWs have leapt into action to demand not just the banning of the flag altogether including sales to private individuals, but have expanded their war to include all things Civil War, right down to movies in which the war is featured. As is pointed out by some commentators, this has diluted the Leftist push for gun control by swamping the conversation with loony hysteria.

The result possibly will be two fold; first, the Left will find its insane stepchild to have taken over and left the Left facedown in the dust; second, the SJWs will have iconized a flag to be used for rebellion against both the SJWs and the Left in general. Here's a candidate now:

This is a specific response to the mindless, panicky, stampeding Class Warfare; it combines two rebellious American traditional flags into an all new, single meaning, devoid of both King George and Slavery, and now focused on addressing specifically the anti-totalitarian movement which seems to be gaining traction. I don't think the flag will actually catch on. But I have hopes for the movement.


Robert Coble said...

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

George Santayana

Consider the Russia Revolution of 1917 as an object lesson.

The Reds control government at all levels, the educational institutions from pre-K to post-graduate levels, the cultural Zeigeist and are backed by the strongest military in the history of mankind. The Reds are not concerned with how many people die on either side as long as the revolution succeeds, and are ideologically suited to exterminating their enemies and their own partisans if needed.

The Whites are losing what little control and influence they have had in the past, and have been conditioned to be silent when faced with their own extermination. It is a pipe dream to believe that there is sufficient opposition remaining in the USA to confront AND DEFEAT the Progressive forces on the march.

This does not bode well for the future of the Whites, nor for the future of the USA.

The "fundamental transformation" began many, many years before the ascent of our Dear and Glorious Leader to his throne. The concluding phases are now being implemented. All three branches of government are thoroughly corrupt and in collusion as to the ultimate goal - the utter destruction of the Republic.

SCOTUS declares that the language of any law no longer has any bearing on what the interpretation of that law will be. It is now the intended consequences (as emanating through the penumbras of the warped framework of the majority Leftist members) that decide the cases. Ergo, the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional, regardless of what Congress said in the law (and elsewhere) regarding it NOT being a tax and that Federal subsidies are available across the board for all states. I fully expect the national legalization of same-sex marriage by SCOTUS decree ext week. After all, SCOTUS has placed its rubber stamp approval on judicial decrees making same-sex marriage legal in 26 of 37 states which now have it. Only 11 states have made it legal through the will of the people and their elected representatives. What difference, at this point, does it make what those rubes out in "flyover land" think they want?!?

The Congressional branch of government cannot bring itself to utilize any of the Constitutional checks and balances, specifically appropriations, to rein in either the Executive branch or the Judicial branch. Investigative committee members preen for the cameras, and then quietly vote to do nothing more than that. Full of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING.

The Executive branch no longer even pretends to follow the Constitutional limits on Executive power. Executive decrees are implemented, in total disdain and disregard for either the Congressional or Judicial branches. The IRS targets opposition groups with impunity and destroys evidence while stonewalling the investigations, the State Dept. lies about its mission, what happened at an embassy and no longer holds its employees to its own rules, DHS arms all Federal agencies and actively declares its own citizens to be terrorists, while ignoring at least 75 known terrorist attacks since 9/11. Euphemisms abound: "workplace violence, man caused disaster, religion of peace."

What you say and write today can and will be used against you in a (laughable) court of "law" in the very near future.

The purges and the blood baths of the French and Russian Revolutions will soon be the new "norm" in the USA, presuming ISIS does not beat them to it. Being forced to bake cakes is only a very small part of it.

We live in very dangerous times, and it will only get more dangerous going forward.

Greg12 said...

With Obama the anti-American as president, or the un-American anti-American I should say, this was expected to happen one day or another. Even less surprising now that he has no election to win for himself. Him and his minions in the MSM can can and do control this leftist rhetoric!!

Rikalonius said...

In the, say what, category. Tim Cook of Apple, not opposed to the slavery in China used to rapidly assemble iPhones for maximum profit, has decreed that any video game, specifically Civil War strategy games, be removed from the app store on the basis that they contain the "confederate flag" in an inappropriate fashion.

Russell (106) said...

Since the South is packed full of racist white people the only thing to do is cut them loose. The multicultural rainbow US has no need of the South, just kick them out of the Union.

Robert Coble said...

As expected, SCOTUS "affirmed" same-sex marriage as the law of the land in the Divided States of America.

Where, oh where, on Earth is there a place that one can escape from this willful insane asylum?!?