Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Four Prisms

I like this analogy:
"How did that happen? It happened because weak school administrators and academics empowered tireless activists who forced all of American history and life through the four prisms of class, gender, ethnicity and identity. What emerged at the other end was one idea—guilt. I exist, therefore I must be guilty. Of something."
The irony of AtheoLeftism is that they hate religion due to the feelings of guilt it gives them. So they use guilt as their own weapon, laying guilt on everyone who is not them, not with them, not for them.

Guilt is their main stock in trade, and it works for the guilt-susceptible, which is mainly other Atheoleftists. White male leftists hate white males for their white maleness which is a sure sign of guilt. Feminists hate women who don't hate white men, and both of those classes are guilty. Race baiters hate whites first, and Asians second, and other races and Jews too, because they are all guilty of something racist just by existing in their DNA identity which is offensive and at a minimum, triggering fear, vapors and dyspepsia in the Victims.

The Atheoleft decrees guilt for the Other. Guilt is a class characteristic. The entire class of Not-Us is guilty, by order of the SJW, Messiah, AtheoLeftist self-gods, who have weaponized guilt for application to everyone else.

The main article is discussing the cancelling of history in favor of narrative in the AP education program. The loss of historical context is already part of the mental fog in which the USA now fumbles about. Actual, factual history does have its moments of brutality, but it also has its moments of the glory of freedom and its products. Only the brutality will be presented, and it will be magnified in order to produce the largest amount of guilt for being a part of western civilization.

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Steven Satak said...

I kept a close eye on my son's AP history classes, especially after his AP American History instructor showed a strong penchant for mounting her soapbox and telling the class what awful people the whites were.

John learned to filter that crap out.