Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cyber Stalker

The adolescent calling himself Hugo/Liberal Viewer now thinks he has my name and address, and that of at least one other person who comments here. I will report this to the FBI. He is likely traceable now via his email, given Google's cooperation with NSA. We'll see. Stalking is illegal in all US states.

What he actually has is our address from 2007 which was attached to the old website, the original site which has been dormant and neglected for quite some time. I just started to revive the site, and removed our current address from the whois file, which is attached to the new provider.

Stalking is not necessarily caused by a single recognized mental disorder, but is frequently characterized by the presence of several disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, substance abuse, and other personality disorders (1). Sometimes it's just a person with a grudge, who is too cowardly to present himself honestly and with personal integrity.

There are five identified types of stalker:
Rejected Stalker

Intimacy Seeking Stalker

Incompetent Stalker

Resentful Stalker

Predatory Stalker
This particular stalker is definitely incompetent, having been banned from the blog specifically due to his incompetence and irrationality; his current attacks reek of juvenile resentment, like a hateful, disciplined pre-teen, and so has the component of rejection stalking as well. He cannot gain respect legitimately, so he must resort to stalking to attempt to artificially pump up his self-esteem in the only fashion remaining to him. He is filled with Leftist hate, and apparently wants to strike enough fear so that this site is shut down. I do not fear him or anyone. Plus he is incompetent: he has not actually found me so far. This site will merely point out his sorry, sordid state of mind and his consequential incompetence, until he gets psychiatric care. Most stalkers do not get such care, because they are too mentally scrambled to recognize their own illness. A large number of stalkers wind up dead or in prison, instead of getting the help they need.

So to summarize what I do know about Hugo/LiberalViewer: he is Atheist; Leftist; irrational; incompetent; resentful at his rejection; resorting to cowardly pseudo-bullying.

1. Via :
Meloy, J.R. (1998). The psychology of stalking. In J.R. Meloy (Ed.) The psychology of stalking: Clinical and forensic perspectives. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

This has been reported to the FBI.


Steven Satak said...

I hope he got my name. I am pretty easy to find and would love a crack at him.

Phoenix said...


Do you remember the the article that you and I had a discussion with Hugo on deductive syllogisms,in which he claimed they were too simplistic?
A day or 2 later after you blocked him.Hugo moved the discussion over to my blog at this article
When I clicked on his username it took me to Hugo Pelland's homepage.Now this Hugo is the one you're having a discussion with,which you blocked before but is he not the same Hugo as Liberal Viewer,who you also blocked?

Stan said...

Very interesting. The original Hugo/LibViewer is good at striking poses and being obtuse in every pose. So Pelland could, in fact, be the same Hugo, being merely another pose. Your evidence is damaging.

In fact, it's possible that he gave his own address as an example of LibViewer's prowess at Doxxing (at which he is not good). And not that good at covering his tracks, it appears.

I have reported this to the FBI; we'll see what happens.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Hugo Pelland said...

Hi, yes that was me, and I discussed that by email with you Stan already. You called me a troll and I got irritated because I actually pointed out to you how to spot potential fake profiles about 1.5 year ago now. You can see the ID is the same but it looks like I did not have Google+ enabled back in March so the blogger icon is different.

But again, no secret here, I told you that already... it's exactly the same thing as how you could spot the fake 'Martin', I remember he was not using his full name and the profile the troll was using was blanck, with a different ID, and did not link to Martin's blog. The ID never changes basically, across Google products.

Hope this helps, thanks.

Hugo Pelland said...

Fyi, I also sent you an email. Just letting you know here in case it goes to spam, as it did before. Thanks.

Stan said...

I no longer know what to believe. We will continue as we were until some resolution is possible.

Robert Coble said...

So, in the final analysis, ROBERT the troll returns to being HUGO the troll. The more things change, the more they remain the same.