Monday, July 20, 2015

Democrat Scofflaw in Action

Proud to be a Lawbreaker in service of Class Warfare.
Illegal Immigrant Moderates Democrat ‘Presidential Town-Hall’

"Even in 2015, it would perhaps seem odd to have a foreign national moderate a discussion between two candidates for the U.S. Presidency. These are not fringe candidates, mind you, but statewide officeholders who have a plausible claim to be the nominee for the Democrat party.

One can only imagine the hand-wringing were a foreign journalist like Britain’s Piers Morgan to assume a similar role.

Journalist Vargas is more than a Philippine citizen, however. He is, euphemistically, an “undocumented immigrant.” That’s to say, an illegal immigrant. Vargas become a media-darling with a personal essay in New York Magazine four years ago, detailing his life as a foreign national, living in the U.S. as an American citizen.

The essay is an account of his being smuggled into the U.S. and raised by his grandparents. It’s rich in details about fake green cards, false Social Security cards and a perceived fear of being discovered."
Laws are for the Oppressor Class, not the Messiah Class or the Victimhood Class.

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