Thursday, July 9, 2015

Heating up the War on Religion

According to the AtheoLeft, religion, as a class, is discriminatory against the brand new dictated Right to Homosexual Marriage. Thus religion, as a class, must be divested of all prior status. In other words, the new Supreme Court-invented right stomps the original founding right which was acknowledged for 228 years under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. The attacks by the Left have been coming for many decades, and now they have Supreme Court leverage which they have immediately put into action.

"In the 12 days since the Supreme Court's marriage ruling, the Left's army is already marching on its next target: the First Amendment. At least two movements are finding more common ground in the wake of the decision -- secular and LGBT activists. The pair are becoming fast allies against what they view as a common enemy: religious freedom.

Since June 26, that bond has only strengthened, as both sides converge on the church in the first wave of post-ruling attacks. Like us, they heard Solicitor General Donald Verrilli's threat to strip religious schools' tax exemptions and are moving quickly to turn that possibility into reality. Barry Lynn, a longtime thorn in the First Amendment's side, is the first to capitalize on this new foothold for religious crackdown, announcing yesterday that his Americans United for the Separation of Church and State would be launching an initiative to destroy the tax relief for faith-based schools. Starting with Christian colleges, Lynn's "Protect Thy Neighbor" project promises to use the IRS as a weapon to force same-sex "married" housing on universities with natural marriage views.

Calling it "on the edge of indefensible," Lynn took issue with any institution that would practice the religious liberty the Constitution guarantees. "...This is a national dialogue that ought to begin... should in fact benefits be given to educational institutions that do in fact discriminate?" Under this new campaign, Lynn vows an "aggressive, multi-pronged initiative to fight the growing idea that 'religious freedom' gives people a right to thwart marriage equality for LGBT Americans, deny women access to reproductive care and use taxpayer dollars to discriminate."
One of the oddities in dealing with SJWs is that they cannot be held accountable to any moral system in the fashion that they hold their hated opposition to. For example, when power players on the right are discovered in flagrante delicto, they experience humiliation and remove themselves due to their dishonor. When the Leftist power player is caught, pants down, ejaculate on the dress, everyone but the power player gets attacked. Where there are no morals, there is no humiliation and no humility. So complaining about the moral infractions of the Left, of the AtheoLeft, is futile because they recognize no moral limitations on themselves. There is just one moral failure for the left; as Obama said, moral failure is an instance of not succeeding in pursuit of one's self-derived principles (paraphrased slightly). What they understand, all that matters to them, is not moral principles which do not exist in their world, it is power, whether or not they have ever heard of Nietzsche.

The conservatives, on the other hand, are reluctant to wield power with the same abandon and certainly not the same vindictiveness with which the Left uses power. Even in its own defense, the Right does not assert raw power until a planck-time before its own destruction by the Left. Conservative politicians have not even tried seriously to contain the rogue, scofflaw Obama administration. This is primarily because, I think, that the accusation of shutting down the government, again, would generate too much criticism for them to bear. Yet much, even most, of the current renegade government needs to be shut off from funding completely and irrevocably, until a law-abiding replacement government can be created. Even funds for Air Force One(s) and all his helicopters should be sequestered until he enforces standing law.

As for the attacks on religion, the current wave of attacks seems to repeat the patterns of history in Lenin's "Utopian and Scientific Socialism" [1] in Russia, post revolution. At least Russia had the White Army to attempt to stop it. Here, so far, nothing much.

Note 1: V. I. Lenin; "On Utopian and Scientific Socialism"; Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965.

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