Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Social Justice: Race Edition. Some Black Lives Don't Matter

Black Confederate Flag Supporter Dies After Carload Of Blacks Runs Him Off The Road

"49-year old Anthony Hervey was one of those rare black guys that believed the Confederate flag was not a symbol of hate, but rather of heritage and history. Unfortunately for him, his rational historically-based beliefs cost him his life. On a highway in Mississippi, Hervey was run off the road by a car full of blacks angry about his flag support. He died in the resulting accident"

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Robert Coble said...

This past weekend, I walked pass a black man who was dressed in bright red T-shirt and pants, with the CSA Stars and Bars crossing the entire outfit in the front. Not just a little patch, not just the flag on his T-shirt front, across the entire outfit from shoulder to bottom of the opposite pant leg.

I started laughing, he grinned without saying anything, and we both continued on our way.