Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stalking By Hugo/Liberal Viewer

I've been stalked before. It takes severe mental illness to stalk someone.

This time it is Hugo/Liberal Viewer. I'll post this one email and no more:

"SOOOO how is the weather in Missouri?
ANDDD why do you hide your real name XXXXX?"

[name redacted to protect whoever it is]

So s/he is looking up how to find me. He thinks he has a thread, now. What a loser. The previous stalker at least got the name right. I've already revealed my approximate location a number of times; that's not news. He's definitely not too good at this. But, if he does manage to show up at the door, or more likely a window on the ground floor, he needs to know that we are all armed here, with plenty of detection devices employed. On the surface I'm not convinced that he has the intelligence to find us, yet the world is bizarre since the advent of the Leftist trolls to power in the government.

So, to Hugo/Liberal Viewer - bring it on. There are plenty of woods in this part of the state for private burials.


Steven Satak said...

Oh, mais oui, yes! "There's been a horrible collision between objective reality and Leftist stalking, and no one is screaming louder in the wreckage than the one who caused it all - Contemptible Hugo, the dedicated clicktivist".

Hugo Pelland said...

Woah, that is kind of creepy... sorry to hear that Stan. Isn't it better to not give any attention to such comments though, especially since you mention it's wrong anyway? It's the same principle as when people receive death threats; I heard that the right thing to do is to bring it up to the cops, but then they suggest to not acknowledge it publicly, as 99% of the time the threats are empty. Thankfully.

Stan said...

This is not a death threat, of course, but it is an irrational psycho. It's not the first time that an Atheist has done this, and it won't be the last. This troll is persistent, almost OCD-like, wherein his jollies are penetration for destructive purposes. It would be interesting to see a psychoanalytical workup on him to see how many disorders he is afflicted with.

The main disruption is the necessity of keeping comment moderation on. It is nicer not to have it.