Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump Tromps RINOs and Headbutts the Left

Donald Trump does it right. While Bush, et. al. play footsie with the Reince Preibuses of the world, and pander to billionaire donors, Donald Trump takes it straight to the aggrieved in Arizona:
Donald Trump Defiantly Rallies a New ‘Silent Majority’ in a Visit to Arizona
Trump went straight to FLY-OVER voters, the ones who have to choke down Obama's uncivil, illegal, destruction attacks. And he addressed both the actual issues, and his own attackers. Trump will likely fail, in my opinion, due to the massive number of illegal alien votes that will be cast for the next president, which obviously will not be cast for him.

The attacks on Trump are for at least two reasons, first, political correctness tribalism makes it necessary in order to avoid the SJW attacks from the Left, so businesses cave immediately and dump Trump's products. The second group needs to silence him, because he is visible enough to get past the standard media censors.

But the Leftist boycott attacks on Trump make Trump one of us, one of the hated class which is constantly under attack by the Leftists who are in charge these days. Only Trump is different: he is visible, where we are not; he is wealthy, where we are not; he has sufficient power to knock the Leftists back, and we do not.

It will be interesting to see how the Republicans respond.

If Bush is the nominee, and if Trump goes third party, I will likely either not vote or vote third party. Either way, the totalitarians will have won in a takeover similar to that of the National Socialists in Germany. We might have to immigrate to Israel, since there will be no place for our kind here. And no, we are not Jewish. Does it not seem striking that Israel turns out to be the only remaining rational state?

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