Friday, July 17, 2015

Vox Outlines SJW Warfare

The eight steps of SJW Attack:
1. Identify Weakness
2. Point-and-Shriek
3. Isolate and Swarm
4. Reject and Transform
5. Press for Surrender
6. Appeal to Authority
7. Show Trial
8. Victory Parade
Step 4 means when they reject the apology offered and transform it into evidence for the prosecution. Obviously not every SJW attack involves each and every step, as a resignation at step 3 or step 5 will jump right to step 8, but that's what the full process looks like."
I think he missed items 9-11:
9. Call it "Positive Progress For All Humans".
10. Name the next atrocity to be normalized.
11. Immediately repeat the process, only faster.

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Rikalonius said...

Sounds just like one of the human doppelgangers in Body Snatchers.