Friday, July 31, 2015

What If Embryos Had Cute Names... Like Cecil?


"Miss CJ at Chicks On The Right notes the curious leftist rage imbalance over the death of one lion compared to the deaths of unborn human children. And over at Time, Nash Jenkins offers remarkably clear-headed thoughts on the current Cecil crisis.

UPDATE. Incidentally, this happened in Africa on the weekend:

A 10-year old girl killed 16 people in a suicide bombing in the northeastern Nigeria city of Damaturu on Sunday.

The girl detonated her explosives next to a crowded market as shoppers were being screened by security services. According to the BBC, around 50 people were injured.

No lions were harmed. "
Well, the girl was a Muslim, not an American Dentist. Class distinctions are everything for Moral Outrage Rampant Organized Neanderthals.

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