Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You Knew It Was True

Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits

Obama, aides took unusual steps to cultivate ‘Daily Show’ comic.

"Samuelsohn reports that Stewart visited the Oval Office in the fall of 2011 to privately meet with Obama, in the midst of heated budget negotiations. According to former Obama aide Austan Goolsbee, “the president wanted to counter his critics on the left and lay the groundwork for his 2012 re-election campaign.”

In 2014, the president met with Stewart during the early days of the Ukraine crisis. Later that day, Obama announced that there would be harsh consequences for Russia if they continued their aggression towards Ukraine. In his first show after the meeting, Stewart– who had skewered the aggressive cowboy stances of George W. Bush during his presidency– ran an opening segment mocking… Vladimir Putin."
Where will millenials get their "Daily" indoctrination, now that Jon Stewart is leaving Obama in the lurch?

It's interesting that it has also been revealed that Stewart engaged in video editing, such as putting guest's answers after different questions than the one actually asked. Where's the outrage?

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