Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Absurdity in the Culture Wars

Britain is swarmed by Poles who have taken British jobs. But they are going to go on strike:
Britain set for first ever migrant workers strike because Polish people feel UNAPPRECIATED

"BRITAIN is set to witness its first ever migrant workers strike as thousands of Polish people prepare to protest - because they feel UNAPPRECIATED.

An unofficial protest for Polish people will take place in London this month

The unofficial strike, which will take place in London later this month, was said to have been arranged after furious Polish migrants took to the internet to moan about being blamed for Britain's economy problems.

While the protest does not involve any trade unions, it is being supported by the Polish Express newspaper.

The publication is encouraging Polish migrant workers to wear a red t-shirt carrying the slogan: "Enough! Stop blaming us."
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Tomasz Kowalski, editor of the Polish Express, said the idea of striking came from one of their readers.

He said: "It's just a way to show people in the UK that immigrants are an important part of Britain.

"We want to make the point that we are here and that we want to feel appreciated."

the red protest t-shirt saying 'enough! stop blaming us'IG
Polish workers are being encouraged to wear this red t-shirt

However, the protest has sparked mixed opinions - with a spokeswoman for Ukip saying the action should make British people feel "personally insulted".

Jane Collins, MEP Ukip employment spokeswoman, said: "There are unemployed British people who should be personally insulted that economic migrants, who pro EU politicians constantly say are harder working than they, are going on strike.

"We even know there are employment agencies who have a policy of only taking on polish workers which is an utter disgrace.

This should be a wake up call to those employers who don't give our own people a better chance

I wonder how many of these striking migrants also get in work benefits or even send them back to families living abroad?

"This should be a wake up call to those employers who don't give our own people a better chance."

While Tadeusz Stenzel, chairman of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain, said he predicted that the strike will do more harm than good for Polish people.

He said: "This is not the sort of thing we would be inclined to support for the simple reason it might be more detrimental to individuals with repercussions from employers, than any advantage that could be gained.

"I don't think the majority of Polish migrant workers would support it, but there are undoubtedly grounds for grievances about exploitation in parts of the economy."

There are an estimated 680,000 Polish people in Britain, making them one of the biggest communities in the country.

The strike set to involve thousands is due to take place on August 20."


Stefani Monaghan said...

The Atlantic has a piece you may find interesting, called "The Coddling of the American Mind", discussing the rise of thought policing and "emotional reasoning" on American campuses and its attendant effects, including a surge in mental health issues amongst college students,


Stefani Monaghan said...

On a separate note, I've recently had the following "exchange".

Ten days ago, I stumbled across a discussion of the recent homosexual take-over of the Boy Scouts, in which someone had posted the following:

"93% of all pedophiles are heterosexual!"

To which I responded:

"Given that 97% of all men are heterosexual, I don't think that number says what you want it to say."

The resulting firestorm was entirely expected, but the intensity went way beyond. Last time I checked into the thread, I'd garnered over 300 thumbs down (against 7 ups), and nearly 100 replies, with nary a rational response amongst them. Nothing but outraged, vitriolic feelbadz, calling me every name in the book (and one I hadn't heard before; I won't repeat it here). One person even suggested doxxing me and then firebombing my house (I'm not worried; I posted from behind a firewall, and my house is not in North America and is in any case constructed entirely of non-flammables).

Given the tenor of the reaction, one would think I'd just blasphemed the Almighty at a Southern Baptist Convention. Gays are truly Untouchables against which one dare not speak the slightest irreverence, even statistically true ones.

I made several attempts to elicit a rational response, all to no avail. Not a single person engaged my statistical observation in an objective fashion; they were far too busy trying to damn me to hell.

On the one hand, there's hope in the fact that people actually understood the implications of my original comment. On the other, the complete lack of rational response pretty much condemns American education irretrievably.

Stan said...

Your profile gives an American town... You might want to look at that. And I think you'd be treated better at the Baptist Convention.

Your experience does point to the sanctity notion which SJWs apply to themselves and their Victimhood Classes. This is seen in Ferguson this past week, where an acknowledged criminal who was killed while attacking a law officer last year is now memorialized with an annual riot and cop shoot.

Rikalonius said...

The SJW's will doxx their own and respond with just as much vitriol if said person dares to have even the mildest epiphany concerning the rabidness of it all.

SJW's remind me of the Twilight Zone episodes The Obsolete Man. In the end, when the state official was declared obsolete, all the state denizens in the room surrounded him, seething and snarling like a pack of Hyenas, just before they pounced on him to beat him to death. Sometimes I think Rod Serling was a prophet.

Robert Coble said...

I was asked (once) to give a prayer breakfast talk at a Baptist church. My opening remark was, "Do you know that the Bible says, 'There is no God'?" Talk about an immediately hostile reaction! One of the older leaders said, rather gruffly, "Boy, you better explain that!" I followed up with, "The fool says in his heart, “There is no God." That is Psalm 14:1a, and it just goes to show that anything can be "proven" by quoting the Bible, out of context." I somehow managed to escape without being tarred and feathered.

So, perhaps you might be better treated at a Southern Baptist Convention than at a Boy Scout Council Conference. Who knows, these days?!?

Stefani Monaghan said...

"Your profile gives an American town... You might want to look at that."

It's an actual old address, which I don't update. Like you, I'd rather not advertise my precise location. In any case, my comments were posted under one of my FB profiles.

@Rikalonius: Love the original TW (the revivals, not so much). Been recently watching my way through the full series, but haven't made it to the Obsolete Man yet.

"Sometimes I think Rod Serling was a prophet."

I hear you. Though, like Shakespeare, most of his ideas weren't original, he just gave them their definitive form. But even more than his ability to provoke, I think Serling's true gift was as a master of mood. For most of my favorite episodes, such as "The Lonely" or "Dust", I find the atmosphere haunting me long after the punchline has worn off. Which is probably why one of TZ's most famous episodes, "To Serve Man" is not among my personal favorites; it was all about the punchline, not the evocative mood.

And all that in just twenty four minutes of screen time.