Friday, August 14, 2015

Countless Crimes of Hillary

Read this at the source: it documents much more than just the server.
The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now Hillary finally hands over her server—after it's been professionally wiped clean
Does the Media Hold Anyone to a Lower Ethical Standard than the Clintons?
Well, yes; there's still Obama.


Stefani Monaghan said...

Based on what I've read in the media (which ipso facto is of doubtful accuracy) filtered through my own background in networking and communications, while there are any number of potential red flags in this affair, there are also some key questions which the media has not addressed. One critical question involves chronology. If the server were migrated to new hardware at any point prior to the FBI expressing interest, then a wipe would simply have been a normal precaution. In that case, the fault may lie in the subsequent warrant if (speculatively) it specifies that particular hardware.

If the server were wiped sometime after the FBI became interested, it would be extremely ham-handed. One doesn't hand over an obviously scrubbed hard drive while innocently batting one's baby blues. There are ways to wipe information while obscuring the fact that the information was wiped. Advertising that you have scrubbed the very data the FBI was asking for would be, at minimum, stupid and incompetent, and whether Clinton is evil or not, one general does not achieve the positions she has by being either incompetent or stupid.

The fact that the server was unsecured for three months, and that Clinton's emails were unencrypted, on the other hand, does strike me as incredibly stupid, but that's more likely down to incompetence of underlings than of Clinton herself -- who does not likely possess any sort of technical expertise in such matters.

Robert Coble said...

If competent technicians (knowledgeable about how to wipe a hard drive) were involved, I can assure you that nothing usable for criminal prosecution will remain. There is a procedure called "walking one's and zero's" that alternately writes binary 1s and 0s across every data sector on the hard drive for many repetitions, eliminating even residual magnetic images by overwriting them. It is insufficient (for security purposes) to "delete" the file from the directory tree or to overwrite every sector just one time. This requires special low-level software that works very close to the hardware level.

I still think the "narrative" from Clinton will be the "orphan"defense.

A man kills his parents for his inheritance, the throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.

Clinton will claim there were no incriminating emails, that she has "fully cooperated" with the FBI in turning over the server that was carefully wiped clean at her direction through her attorneys, and that since no emails were found on the Slick Willie (uh, sorry, wrong Clinton) hard drive, ipso facto she has been vindicated and it's all been a Republican witch hunt. Nothing to see here, folks, MOVE ON! Besides, it's all so old and has been adequately addressed so many times before: what difference at this point does it make?!?