Monday, August 3, 2015

Fake Woman Threatens Ben Shapiro With Bodily Harm On TV

The Left Embraces the Logic of Fascism
The threat occurs at 5:35 into the video, but the ramp up is worth watching.

The very act grabbing and threatening physical harm is a specific refutation of the "femaleness" of the fake woman. The entire panel, save Shapiro, is highly engaged in the narrative of "your words are violence; my violence is justified by your words". No one on the panel objects to the threat. As Klavan points out, that is the logic of fascism and bullies:
"The logic of fascism is this: “Your X constitute[s] an act of violence, so I’m justified in using violence against you.” For X, you can fill in just about anything except actual violence. Some of the more popular choices are: “Words; Opinions; Positions; Race; Presence; Borders; Jewishness.” Once you equate any of these things — anything — with violence, once you feel justified in committing violence in response, your actual positions no longer matter. You’re a thug. You’re a fascist. You’re a tyrant, petty or otherwise. You no longer have a place at the discussion table."
I think that it is more general than merely fascism. It is Progressivism, which in its current form includes all totalitarianism in the spectrum from from fascism to Islamism. That includes the Marxist/Stalinists culture reformers who are indiscernable from National Socialists in their methodology. Cultural Bolshevism is in full play in the MSM.

Shapiro maintained his composure despite the threat from the much larger man-woman. The "gender overrides genetics" issue being defended loudly orally was completely falsified by the threat of the man in woman's clothes who behaved as a large male bully behaves, not a woman. Few if any women get in a man's face and confidently promise to "send him home in an ambulance".

From this it might be concluded that the gender-sex disconnect is actually in the man-woman's brain: he wants to be a she, but he still acts like a he. So his actions behave genetically (male), while his emotional preference is to be female. Something in the brain (or mind) is incompatible with something else in the brain. If this disconnect is genetic, then it is a mutation of a sort which is of a devolving nature. It cannot convey procreative benefits. From an evolutionary standpoint the mutation is deleterious and under normal circumstances it would be deselected.

The major fascist/socialist/progressive movements of the past century have taken the opposite position on such mutations: they opted to eliminate them by force: legal force. Now the Progressive/socialist/SJW movements endorse these mutations to the point of threats of violence upon those who support everything previously considered normal. The mere act of refusal to accept abnormality as normal is enough to invite threats of violence or legal actions upon oneself. This will get worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better.

But the ramp up to the overt threat of physical damage to Shapiro is interesting as well. From the "black perspective", Jenner is seen as "privileged" and therefore is an obscene cultural icon which discriminates against poor black trannies who are unprivileged. Jenner is white and wealthy; therefore he is irredeemably in the Oppressor Class from the black Victimhood view. There is no end to the Victimhood pleading in the culture war of today, including the denigration of one Victimhood class by another Victimhood Class. As always, the socialistas eat themselves.

Shapiro is both right and wrong: the fake woman-man cannot be a woman, no matter how threatening he is to critics. He is still XY, still heavy in testosterone, and unless surgically modified, still has male genitalia. But part of his/her brain is disconnected from that reality; it believes itself to be female when the reality is that it is in a male body with male behaviors. The actual reality is that this indicates that there is an abnormality, which if genetic, is a deleterious mutation.

But one may not speak that truth.

If the disconnect is in the mind, then it is an emotional defect which is very likely correctable.

But one may not speak that truth, either.

It's no secret why it is that Leftists become irate when they hear the truths that may not be spoken: the Leftist narrative is sacred; contradicting the Leftist narrative is therefore evil, dangerous, heretical, and cannot be allowed into the light of day. To violate the narrative is to "go home in an ambulance".


Phoenix said...

Stan,you've touched upon an interesting concept.I think Ms.Jenner might be the one who will eventually cause the public to realize the absurdity of the X-Men dilemma.The Atheist Left are no doubt the biggest supporters of LGBTQ...,yet this behavior seems to be in contrast with Physicalism.
The X-Man is by nature ,born a male with all its physical characteristics and members intact.However,sometime during his life he starts experiencing female emotions.The subjective experience of being female contradicts the objective reality of being male.Since Physicalism/Atheism rejects subjective experience as brain farts and being empirically invalid.The X-Man must be condemned under Philosophical Materialism for basing his lifestyle on a fallacious argument from personal experience because personal experience cannot be independently observed.

Stefani Monaghan said...

The very act grabbing and threatening physical harm is a specific refutation of the "femaleness" of the fake woman

I found it also quite interesting that the woman who had just gone on a rant deploring violence and intimidation directed at transgendered people sat utterly silent when a tran threatened violence against Shapiro.

If "Facts don't care about your feelings", then who cares about facts? What most people will take away from this segment is not whether Shapiro is right, but whether he is a cold-hearted b*st*rd who hates trannies. In a world where no one knows how to reason, sentiment always wins. Shapiro did get one of the SJWs to dismissively admit he was factually correct, just before the SJW labeled Shapiro's words "aggressively offensive".

Stefani Monaghan said...

​A month-ish back, The Guardian ran a pieces which it quoted Ellie Freeman trying to explain the difference between Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner. Rachel cannot be "trans-black" because

Being transracial is hardly similar to ‘feeling black’ … It’s not like gender dysphoria either – the politics of race and gender are not interchangeable in this context. Unlike many black Americans, Rachel’s family background does not carry the trauma of slavery and institutionalised racism. Unlike people who really are transracial, Rachel has not been physically torn between two cultures and denied intimate knowledge of her birth culture. Unlike people who are black and transracial adoptees, Rachel has not had to deal with both of these life-affecting experiences at the same time.

Ironically, and unfortunately for Ellie Freeman and the Guardian, over at the National Post, feminist Barbara Kay makes a remarkably similar argument against Caitlyn Jenner. Referencing feminist Elinor Burkett, she notes:

They [Burkett-style feminists] don’t like the fact that most of Bruce’s life he enjoyed “male privilege” and now, when it hardly matters any more, all his ambitions achieved in a man’s way and a man’s world, he presumes to know what it is really like to be a woman.

(And may I add to Burkett’s list of women’s female-only experiences Caitlyn has never known, such as menstruation, the fact that she can’t possibly understand the despair of an unwanted pregnancy, the yearning for a wanted pregnancy, the agony of watching the biological clock tick, the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth, and the anguish at a womb’s stubborn barrenness, all of them defining natal-female feelings of an atavistic intensity like no other.)

For the guardian, Dolezal's attempted "theft" of blackness was a manifestation of her "white privilege", illegitimized by the fact that she didn't grow up black and did not share "blackness".

For Burkett, Jenner's attempted theft of womanhood is a manifestation of his "male privilege", illegitimized by a lifetime as a man.

Tell us again, Ms. Freeman how different Dolezal and Jenner are.

Stan said...

Excellent observations; the left always eats their own. Being delegitimized and cast out of the tribe is necessary when one Victimhood Class is fundamentally contradictory to another Victimhood Class.

Unless one of the Victimhood Classes is Islam/Muslim; no matter what atrocities are done by that Class, they will always be "Victims", even as they kill other Victimhood Classes such as killing homosexuals and using women as sex slaves after mutilating their genitalia.

The Leftist outrage machine doesn't care about victims of the Victimhood Classes.

The outrage machine doesn't turn on for anyone killed by blacks, not even other blacks. It doesn't turn on for any crime whatsoever against whites. The machine doesn't turn on for preborn humans of any race or sex, it turns on against those who object to preborn human dismemberment.

It's an interesting topic, this Leftist Outrage Machine. It recently turned on for an elderly lion and simultaneously remained off for the trafficking of parts (and now full bodies) of preborn humans killed for convenience.

Talon said...

They [Burkett-style feminists] don’t like the fact that most of Bruce’s life he enjoyed “male privilege” and now, when it hardly matters any more, all his ambitions achieved in a man’s way and a man’s world, he presumes to know what it is really like to be a woman.

Not only has Jenner coasted his way to success on "male privilege" prior to becoming a woman, he can reconnect with that privilege any time he desires. So long as Jenner retains the package he was born with, he can at any point, stop dressing as a woman, stop answering to Caitlyn and re-establish his identity as "Bruce" with most if not all the prior privilege intact. Jenner has privilege fairly unique amongst transgenders, no lifelong Male to Female transgender has the option to return to a strong male identity like Bruce, and Female to Male transgenders must struggle with the disadvantages of growing up with sexism and now being treated as a "man" rather than a lifelong member of Club Male. I wouldn't be surprised if after the obligatory moment of "Class" approval has been given, other transgenders and feminists attack Caitlyn because she has little to lose by embracing a trangender identity and failing, if tomorrow Caitlyn discovers she can't hack it as a woman, she can always count on Bruce to come to her rescue.

yonose said...

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This is what happens when people are so strongly socialized in the cult of their own sexual indulgence and excessive vanity. Weak minds indeed, sadly, too many subliminal messages.

This is one important statement about how ex-transsexuals do not have voice anymore. Sexuality is one of the most dynamic aspects in a human being's cultural life. So, how is it that, like ex-lesbian and ex-gay people, should they suffer such en egregious ostracism from their peers??

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