Thursday, August 6, 2015

John McCain: War [REDACTED]

This seems not well known, at least I hadn't heard of it until recently. McCain certainly has received copious protection from the political class, including the Democrats (of which party McCain seems to be a stealth member).

John McCain is an admitted collaborator with the enemy, according to a journalist named Doug Valentine. Valentine's investigation reveals a very different story of McCain's stay in the "Hanoi Hilton", including a McCain confession of having cracked under interrogation and subsequently becoming an ongoing collaborator with the North Vietnamese. He revealed flight paths of American planes, resulting in so many casualties that the flights were stopped. He became the voice of propaganda radio, "psywar" operation against US forces. He reaped the reward of favor for his actions, which were, if true, acts of treason.

McCain is known to have put information concerning the remaining missing in action under classified status. There is a group of veterans pressing for the truth about McCain and the still missing military personnel to be released to the public. When one FOIA request was fulfilled, it contained redactions to conceal... exactly what?

McCain's attack on Trump's supporters ("crazies") has brought about a look back into McCain's own, actual history as a war "hero". It doesn't look good.
Read it there; it's long and filled with interest, at least from my perspective.

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Stefani Monaghan said...

Off-topic, Stan. But in the "that didn't take long" category, I ran across an article over at the Federalist I thought you might find interesting. "Polyamory is next, and I'm one reason why".

Government incentives for marriage—gay or straight—discriminate against single and polyamorous individuals. Part of the reason gay people are so exuberant about the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage—aside from the symbolism of wider cultural acceptance—is the bribes government gives people for committing to a lifetime of coupled monogamy.

This is discrimination, plain and simple. It discriminates against single people who have no formal romantic relationships and a growing number of people who identify as polyamorous, who maintain multiple romantic relationships at once. The government has no business incentivizing any type of romantic or non-romantic behavior. It has no business rewarding us or penalizing us based on our relationship status.

By granting gay couples the same “privileges” as straight couples, we are widening the gap of inequality between coupled and non-coupled individuals. The only way to have real equality in this country is to treat everyone as individuals with equal rights, not unequal privileges. Otherwise, we open the doors to social conservatives’ worst nightmare—polygamy! Not long after that, single people, vying for the same entitlements, will surely fulfill former Sen. Rick Santorum’s prophecy by requesting to marry their dogs!