Thursday, September 10, 2015

Because One is the BAD Class, the Other is the GOOD Class...

Why does the left care more about Islamophobia than anti-Semitism?
Islamists/Muslims are the GOOD Class, because they hate everything Judeo-Christian and western, including democracy - showing congruence with western Leftists. The love for Islamists/Muslims blinds the Left to the obvious: Islamists/Muslims hate the Left, too, including (especially) homosexuals and feminists, not to mention abortion and frivolous sex. Anti-Semitism has been a Democrat fervor going back to the days of the Democrat's KKK racist/terrorist arm. So it is totally natural for the Left to weep over Muslim deaths, and completely ignore Jewish deaths.

It's all part of the Social-Marxism class war against the people and culture of the west. The SJW's are the Messianic Saviors for the Islamic Victimhood Class, which class is declared to suffer terribly at the hands of the Oppressor Class - Jews who want to defend their western culture and democratic state from the destruction promised by the Islamist/Muslims.

Which proves, anecdotally at least, that Jews are smarter than European Leftists.

The increase in western stupidity and irrationality forms a perfect storm for the demise of Leftism, along with much collateral damage. In order for Europe to regain demographic control for perpetuating rational culture, the Left must be marginalized or obliterated before Islamicization can be halted. That appears to be the reason Trump is popular: he has the brass to do that in the USA, if and only if he is canny enough to focus his brass properly.

It seems to me, at this point any way, that Fioria could do it better than Trump, and probably better than Carson. Perhaps a Fiorina/Carson ticket? But it is early yet. Someone else might rise out of the weeds to do the job, then ride into the sunset.

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Richard said...

Out of curiosity, how long do you think Israel will last with the diminishing of American and British economic power?