Saturday, September 5, 2015

Democrats, Disrespecting the Other: Revisiting Waco

McMurtry is the famed author of "Lonesome Dove". This is his perspective on the Feds vs the Branch Davidians.
A Return to Waco
I came across this while perusing articles on the resurgence of Leftist anti-semitism. The Left consistently sides with totalitarians over western-style, free, tolerant societies. An interesting comment at one site observed that Judeo-Christianity was the ultimate influence for free western civilization. Ignoring the Greek influence, I suppose. The principles of Judeo-Christianity presuppose individual freedom to choose or reject.

That is the direct opposite of top down control. Hence, it is a threat to everything AtheoLeftist, starting with the Reign of Terror in post-revolution France, to Marxism, and its current set of devotee class warriors. Everything religious, then, is anathema to the Left. For the cult near Waco, the ATF became the bludgeon used by Janet Reno.

McMurty's observations are balanced, yet piquant.

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