Monday, September 21, 2015

How To Be An Atheist

In Ten Easy Commandments:


Phoenix said...

Funny stuff.

Dawkins' God Delusion explains everything but it fails to explain the meaning of "epistemic" which Dawkins concedes to not knowing.Yet this guy has philosophical objections and philosophical opinions he wants others to believe.

leemcb said...

You should read Dave Berlinski's The Devil's Delusion. He's an agnostic, but he points out that atheism via atheistic wars has managed to kill off more people in just one century than all other belief systems COMBINED, THROUGHOUT ALL HISTORY. He lists them on pages 22-24 of my book. Over 190 MILLION--that's a near quarter BILLION--and still counting in many cases.

He also points out that this figure doesn't include the maimings, rapes, imprisonments, etc. done by these regimes. Berlinski gives a really great scientific overview of atheistic 'arguments' and the fallacies they're built on. As a former agnostic, it became pretty obvious to me that the only real argument atheists HAVE is the "I'm smarter than YOU are" schoolyard diatribe spewed all over the net.

Phoenix said...


Thanks for that.I had no idea there was a book titled The Devil's Delusion nor had I heard of Dr.Berlinski.