Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Simple: Increased Racism is Due to Racists With Power.

Obama and Holder are directly responsible for the race riots. They immediately cried "racism" and effectively went silent when the facts were otherwise. Obama's son-he-never-had was a strong-arm robber and a thug intent on murdering an officer with his own gun. But the narrative wasn't stopped: "hands up! Don't shoot!"; "black lives [only] matter!". The causal chain goes straight to the highest offices in the land, and two racist Democrats.
Holder’s Hatchet Job
Another look at the Justice Department’s misguided Ferguson report, which caps the former attorney general’s legacy of racial divisiveness

"One lesson should have been driven home from the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in August 2014: racial interpretations of complex events are dangerous. The media and Eric Holder’s Justice Department initially cast Wilson as a racist who shot an innocent black youth. They were, as we now know, flat wrong. Not only did a state grand jury decline to prosecute Wilson last fall, but the Justice Department itself backtracked and recommended against federal prosecution. The evidence confirmed that Wilson acted in self-defense and didn’t provide a whiff of support for allegations of anti-black bias.

Nevertheless, it bears recalling that the racial narrative did serious damage. It sowed mistrust of police around the nation, especially among African-Americans. The antipolice protests and the shootings of police officers, in Brooklyn last year, in Ferguson this year, and most recently in Houston, were byproducts of the poisoned atmosphere created by the campaign against allegedly racist law enforcement. Perhaps unsurprisingly, shooting deaths of law enforcers spiked 52 percent in 2014, declining in 2015 as tensions eased. (Forty-seven on-duty officers died from intentional gunfire in 2014, compared with 31 the previous year. Twenty-four died as of the end of August 2015, which at the same rate would result in 36 deaths for the year.)"

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