Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Religious Taqiyya?

Hundreds of Muslim Refugees convert to Christianity in German church
Even the church members don't believe that all (most) of the Muslims actually converted. This smacks of a hudna/taqiyya event, to deceptively appear to be acceptable for western citizenship.
"However, there are concerns that some are not genuine converts, rather professing a Christian faith to boost chances of staying in the country.

In Afghanistan and Iran conversion to Christianity from Islam is punishable by death or imprisonment.

Congregation member Vesam Heydari told AP, "The majority of Iranians here are not converting out of belief... They only want to stay in Germany."

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Phoenix said...

There is another way to detect whether a muslim has sincerely apostatized from Islam.The ex-muslim must admit outloud that Muhammad was a pedophile,and the Quran is a lie.No muslim,devout or nominal will insult Allah and his prophet.Of course,I don't expect the ex-muslim to cuss at Muhammad whilst being baptized at the church altar,in the presence of the priest,his family and congregation.But there is an appropriate time and place.Nonetheless,the apostasy from islam to christianity is a step in the right direction