Monday, September 21, 2015

The Ahmed Fraud, and Leftist Credulity

After queuing up to fawn over poor Ahmed, the ninth grade clock inventor, it finally has calmed to the point of actual analysis:
Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock… and Ourselves
Long story short: Ahmed did not invent that clock. He took a clock apart and put its works into a pencil case... period. The evidence is clear.

The joke is on all the tech outfits that jumped onto the PC bandwagon, and of course, that ignoramous: POTUS. None of this would have happened had the child been been blond, white, and named Billy.

And there is no fault in the school personnel. There is no reason for them to know the difference between pure electronics and electronics- plus-explosives. They did the right thing. Police - a little over the top, still, no actual harm done.

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