Sunday, September 20, 2015

The New Leftist Lynchings

It should always be remembered that it was the Democrats and their terrorist legion, the KKK, that killed blacks for trivial, or no, reasons*. Now it is the Democrats who have devised Political Correctness as the substitute for lynchings. Presented as moral outrage which demands an apology from their target, the objective is still the same: select target, trivialize it, remove its authority thereby proving their own superiority.

If you apologize due to their outrage, you have been defeated, marginalized, and you have agreed ipso facto that they are right, morally and intellectually. You have been removed from the war – essentially a war casualty – and have had your influence killed. It’s the equivalent of a modern lynching.

If blacks could have changed their skin tones, the Democrat terrorists (KKK) would not have lynched them. But blacks could never become white and could never avoid the defeat and marginalization demanded by the Democrat terrorists. No apology could suffice for having “looked at a white woman”, a rape as defined by Democrat terrorists for blacks.

Now blacks are killed in eugenic production-lines which serve two purposes; first, to follow Margaret Sanger’s racist desire to limit the black population. Second, to generate a business of human organ trafficking.

But the Democrats do not apologize for any of that. Instead they create new words, new definitions. A premier redefinition of progeny killing and cadaver plundering is “women’s healthcare”. This false use of the English language is then used as a bludgeon against anyone who points out the reality: that it is not healthcare in any rational sense, it is obviously progeny killing and cadaver plundering.

There is no reason to capitulate to Democrat Leftist epithets. There is every reason to charge them with the truth of their actions which they try to hide behind phony euphemisms. And to point out that a phony euphemism is not a rational case against actual morality; it is just another lie.

Possibly a main reason for Trump’s favorability in the population is that he has not apologized to the perpetually hysterically apoplectic Democrat Left, and has immediately counter-attacked with energy and fervor in a scorching manner that is not replicable in the other candidates. So he cannot be defeated with the current Democrat lynching technique. And that terrifies not just the Democrat Leftists, but also the Republican quisling pseudo-Democrats.

*No reasons short of their thirst for totalitarianism, that is.
Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and ‘No Apologies’ Conservatism

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