Thursday, September 17, 2015


Vox Day gets trolls, as does (probably) every sane blogger. Vox has tracked his worst troll to a specific identity, and has notified police.

Trolling stopped here the very moment that I contacted the FBI regarding the cyber-stalking being done against this blog and against certain commenters here. Trolls are merely psychopathic cowards who think that they can attack from the safety of their anonymity; however, they are not actually anonymous. But they are cowards. They cannot be satisfied with just being stupid in the comment block. They have to escalate into cyber-stalking in order to puff their damaged egos up into a semblance of the stature of those who they attack.

Trolls will be back; but they will not be tolerated, and any illegality will, WILL, be forwarded to the FBI.


Robert Coble said...

PLEASE tell me that "HUGO THE TROLL" was the culprit reported to the FBI! A day without HUGO THE TROLL is like a day of perpetual sunshine! SHEER BLISS!

Stan said...

Yes. And his several other noms de plume.