Friday, September 11, 2015

Why Wymyn Can't Join the Atheist Movement

Wait! There's an Atheist movement?
5 reasons why it's so difficult for women to join the atheist movement

"First, women are more devout because they have to be. Women’s religiosity is directly related to economic security. "
OK, bogus sociology/anthropology, and sociology/anthropology is a bogus science as even anthropologists/sociologists admit.
"Second, sexism is real and has an effect on women’s participation and leadership within the atheist community."
Poor dears can't stand up for themselves. (Maybe they need men to fight for them... ?)
"Third, men of all ideological persuasions are overrepresented in media — why should atheists be any different?"
See #2; this is rehash. Next:
"Fourth, I know it’s obvious, but it still bears saying: Atheism and secularism are part of a movement, with leaders, on Earth. This social movement is no less subject to norms than anything else and we live on a thoroughly patriarchal planet. "
See #2; more rehash. Next:
"Fifth, it’s no exaggeration to say that managing sexism is exhausting, depressing and distracts from work women could be doing as visible spokespeople of fighting for higher and equal pay, or immigration policies that include uneducated women, or ending sexual predation, or advocating for the right to control our own reproduction."
Well, gosh! They can't handle it, fer sher. See #2. It's all the same stuff: women are poor dears who can't compete, for all sorts of manufactured reasons. In fact, #1 has no relevance to the complaints of feminist weakness and lack of ability. It's all #2, then: Victimhood Disorder.

Well, it's good to know that these feministas are too weak to have any influence. Maybe they think that nagging is the solution, like old fish-wives? Actually it's hard to feel sorry for self-pitying chronic victims. Especially in times of female presence in both industrial CEO positions and in strong political positions (Fiorina comes to mind).

Victimhood is a sorry and unnecessary mental disorder. At least it is unnecessary for individuals who are not part of the codependent Messiah Class/Victimhood Class relationship which forms under the neo-Marxist hatred of freedom.

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Phoenix said...

If humans are purely biological machines then I'd have to agree with Atheists,after all,women are biologically weaker than men.Their memberships to organizations should be severely restricted and men must rule over them,not vice versa.If any Atheist wish to point out the existence of matriarchal societies in the animal kingdom which is supposed to give credence to gender equality,then we can discuss what other animal behaviors must be emulated when nature becomes the yardstick for ethics.