Thursday, October 8, 2015

Child-Rape Prevention is Not Allowed in Obama's Military

There should be exactly no confusion about Obama's passion for stopping the killing of children in the designated "kill zones" now set up to remove any potential defense from gunmen. Or is there? Obama cares exactly nothing for the tens of millions of murdered babies in utero and with financial assistance from the US taxpayer. And he cares exactly nothing abut stopping child-rape, and in fact is sanctioning punishment for those who have stopped at least this one instance of it.
Army Puts Charles in Discharge

"In the Obama military, you can celebrate immorality -- but you can't confront it. That's the lesson the Army is trying to teach the Green Beret's Charles Martland. A hero by both record and reputation, Sergeant First Class Martland is about to lose his career over something that any parent or decent American would have done: intervene in the violent rape of an innocent boy. When Martland confronted the attacker (a member of the Afghan police), the rapist laughed off the soldier's horror, insisting it was "just a boy."

Shocked and outraged, the Sergeant and a fellow Green Beret said they felt a "moral obligation to act." With a few shoves and kicks, they made it clear that tying up little children to posts and raping them for up to two weeks at a time would no longer be tolerated by the American force. Like most soldiers, they were sick and tired of standing by while Afghans tortured local children and undermined everything the U.S. was trying to accomplish through the police presence. But, in the Obama military where everything is upside down, no good deed goes unpunished -- and Martland has been kicked out of the Army, effective November 1.

After several attempts to fight the ruling, the two time Bronze Star winner enlisted the help of Representative (and Marine) Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) -- who's helped ignite a national firestorm over Martland's ouster. Now, several weeks into the controversy, everyone from veterans groups to conservative congressmen are protesting the discharge -- insisting that Martland doesn't deserve punishment, but promotion."
Some rape is not "rape-rape" as Whoopi put it; some rape is just culture, in her case, Hollywood culture. This child-rape is culturally Afghani police Islamic culture. So the rankings of the classes is now clear: Multiculturalism outranks rape, even child rape of boys tied to posts. Gun-free kill-zones outrank dead children. The narrative outranks the US Constitution.

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Phoenix said...

Please watch this video.It may be too late for Europe but there's some hope for America. Don't allow this to happen.