Monday, October 12, 2015

Stupid Science at Work

Scientist Finds Rare Bird... and Kills It

Technically Incorrect: A US scientist finds a male mustached kingfisher in the Solomon Islands. He kills it so that he can study it. Not everyone is impressed.
Subheadline is wrong: the lede is technically correct. The bonehead even takes a photo of it, alive, sitting on his hand, just before killing it.


Talon said...

This is rather unfortunate, why not take the bird back as a live specimen to be observed, scanned, live out its' natural lifespan then get dissected, pickled or stuffed as per the needs of the AMNH? They seem to understand enough about the bird to duplicate the needed habitat and diet, why not pick up a female also and see if they can possibly learn more about the species' nesting habits?

Xellos said...

Yes, science has gone too far - too many times.