Friday, October 9, 2015

The Donald has a Fan

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yonose said...

Hello Everyone!!

Although I'm inclined to take that very same position, I'm glad I do not participate and get involved in such endeavors, from any side.

But this response from another compatriota, actually seems to be expected.

There are still some things in this western culture, which are, by following the basic principles of thought, regarding our experience of collective survival, just plain wrong and this harmful persistence needs to be stopped. That's not a matter of opinion.

Totalitarian mindsets have always been dangerous to the adequate development of the good nature of humankind. But, there's also a risk in losing the advantages of the applications of even-minded, ex-territorial regulations when ultra-nationalist sentiments are aroused to the people.

If this western culture crumbles sooner than I expected, it's very likely I'll fight more to stay alive.

Kind Regards.