Monday, November 9, 2015

An Icon melts

Obama’s War Advisors Turn on Him

"The picture being painted by Obama’s soon-to-be-former advisors is one of a president paralyzed with indecision. He is being increasingly tested by the world’s bad actors and revisionist powers and has little resolve to act early and decisively. That is an impression that was confirmed by Reuters in October. They reported that the president was similarly incapacitated by the People’s Republic of China’s brazen decision to create new islands that would function as naval and air bases in the middle of the contested Spratly Islands late last year.

As early as May, well before those island bases were completed, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter requested the Pentagon draw up options to respond to this challenge to American global maritime dominance. According to the Pentagon officials who spoke with Reuters anonymously, Obama invited an “intense, prolonged” and “unnecessary” internal debate over how to respond to this provocation, and only reluctantly agreed in October to dispatch one destroyer to sail within 12 nautical miles of one of Beijing’s new island bases.

“The Pentagon and U.S. military officials had been ready for months to carry out patrols, but ran into ‘repeated stalling’ from the White House and State Department, said one U.S. defense official, who requested anonymity,” Reuters reported.

As the fruits of Barack Obama’s feckless approach to foreign affairs ripen, and the conflicts that he sought to resolve only deteriorate, the president’s advisors are increasingly training their fire on him. In the final year of this administration, that trend is only likely to intensify. If the Obama era is going to be remembered as the period when the seeds of chaos and conflict were sown, surely more creatures of Washington are going to emerge to make sure that they do not take the blame for sowing them. A president who has so perfected the art of throwing others under the bus is about to get the same treatment."
In 2008, the entire world - except for conservatives - knew that Obama could stop the seas from rising and cease all war and hatred in the world merely by speaking the mellifluous words to do so. Women fainted and fantasized sexually about the One. Crowds of uncountable believers thronged to be briefly in his presence, even at a distance. Obama was more than a man, more than a president: he could make people believe that "Hope and Change" had actual meaning. More than human, he was a phenomenon.

The facade is now down. The Obama - Clinton administration has left the middle East in a maelstrom of death and destruction, and potentially in the hands of the Russians. The economy is geared for the 1%, and the social policies include boys showering with the girls in public schools. The scandals, including death and treason, are almost daily. And still many follow the Left, and will vote for Hillary.

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