Sunday, November 1, 2015

Quote of the Day

"She's too big to jail."

"But most who spoke to McClatchy say it’s unlikely the former first lady, senator and Cabinet secretary will face charges because of her high profile and the hurdle to prove she knew the emails contained classified information when she sent them to others.

“She’s too big to jail,” said national security attorney Edward MacMahon Jr., who represented former CIA employee Jeffrey Sterling in 2011 in a leak case that led to an espionage prosecution and 3½-year prison term. He cited a pattern of light punishments for top government officials who have mishandled classified information while lower level whistleblowers such as Sterling have faced harsh prosecutions for revealing sensitive information to expose waste, fraud or abuse in government.

At least 671 emails that Clinton sent or received through her private server contained classified material, according to the State Department’s latest update Friday from its ongoing review of more than 30,000 emails. Her aides also sent and received classified information.

In response to a public records lawsuit, the department released another 7,200 pages of Clinton’s emails after partially or entirely redacting any containing sensitive U.S. or foreign government information on a range of issues.

The inspectors general of the State Department and intelligence community have said that some contained classified information when they were generated, but they were not marked that way at the time.
And Democrats don't care how evil or vile she is: she has a vagina, and that's enough to qualify. They need the "first woman president", and it doesn't matter what else she is. Ethics, morality, criminality, wake of dead bodies all be damned: she is -reportedly - female and that's what counts. It might irk some Democrats that Bill will fill the White House Office of First Molester. But not enough to matter.

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Robert Coble said...

Back in August, I conservatively estimated that eventually there would be 500-1500 classified emails found in the email batch that were NOT deleted. So far, according to this story, we are up to 671, and we still haven't looked at all of them. I really, REALLY hope that the FBI has the backup server and that it contains ALL of her emails, including the deleted ones that were "wiped with a cloth." I am certain that the count of classified emails would skyrocket, and there will be some really juicy skeletons found.

I still believe that the Hildebeast will NOT ever be charged with anything under the Obama DOJ. Too many skeletons in that closet to allow her to rattle his cage publicly. Besides, it's HER TURN to become the first VAGINA PRESIDENT!

Or, maybe not. Bill Clinton stole the honors as the first BLACK PRESIDENT, so maybe Hillary will only be the second VAGINA PRESIDENT - Barack Hussein Obama being the first one.

Is this the most transparent and ethical administration EVER - or what?!?