Thursday, December 10, 2015

British Lose Control of Some Areas to Islam

‘Trump is right!’ Police say parts of Britain ARE no-go areas due to ISIS radicalisation

By Nick Gutteridge

Serving police officers have backed up Donald Trump's claim

Serving officers in terrorist hotspots including London and Birmingham said that forces are becoming increasingly nervy over the rising threat of Islamic State (ISIS) inspired attacks, with some telling staff not to wear their uniforms in their OWN patrol cars.

One officer in London said the firebrand presidential hopeful was “pointing out something plainly obvious” whilst another in Lancashire said the police have to ask local Muslim leaders for PERMISSION before sending patrols into their communities.

Their shocking testimonies are in stark contrast to the official responses from politicians and the Metropolitan Police, who have rounded on Mr Trump’s controversial claims.

The Republican frontrunner provoked fury across the globe on Monday when he said that all Muslims should be banned from entering America to combat terrorism.
So Britain has enclaves which are under the exclusive control of the religious state of Islam, not Britain. Want to bet if they vote in British elections? Any more questions about assimilation?

Liberal Media Mock Europe's Islamic 'No-Go Zones' Which Are All Too Real

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