Sunday, December 20, 2015

Canada as a Staging Area For Terror

A Right to wage jihad elsewhere: Ten Thousand Tamil Tigers in Ottowa...
Canada and the Emerging Terror Threat From the North

"Worse, the Liberals have just returned to power in Ottawa, and Justin Trudeau, the country’s youthful new prime minister, has gone out of his way to court Muslim votes. Mr. Trudeau has often castigated alleged discrimination against Canadian Muslims, which he used to good effect in recent elections. His early actions in power, including pulling Canadian fighter-bombers out of the U.S.-led air campaign against the Islamic State, do not inspire confidence that he grasps the seriousness of the situation.

This, after all, is the politician who back in 2011 expressed his strong public disagreement with a Canadian government brochure aimed at immigrants that described honor killings as “barbaric.” That Mr. Trudeau does not take jihadism seriously is a view expressed by security professionals on both sides of the border. “We were underwater on the domestic terrorist threat even before this government,” explained a senior Canadian security official to me, “and now it’s certain to get worse. We’re already feeling pressure to back off from 24 Sussex,” a reference to the prime minister’s Ottawa residence.

Although CSIS only months ago expressed public concerns about a “sharp increase” in the number of Canadians going abroad to wage jihad, that seems to have changed now that Mr. Trudeau is in charge. Only weeks after the Liberals took over, accusations have appeared that CSIS is low-balling the numbers of jihadists in the country to make the new government look good."
Leftism is a corrosive force. It corrodes common sense with the use of idyllic utopian ideology which, even on its face, is anti-rational. It allows holding the door open to closed ideologies which are antithetical to western liberties and which have no interest in preserving western thought processes. And the Left fully agrees with that meta-narrative.

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