Thursday, December 24, 2015

Comment of the Day

"I care about the citizens of the U.S. By that definition, I care not
about muslims who desire to destroy our hot-dogs and baseball games and love for Christmas and our right to worship freely, for their right to worship freely not only impinges on my right to do so but also violates Constitutional Laws of this nation.

Then, that brings about the moral relativism where the leftists bring up the past history of the KKK, the crusades and, demonstrably getting history wrong (as always) they scream "shut up!!!".

The left doesn't argue, they censor. They don't reason, they yell louder than anyone in the room. This naturally causes logical thinkers to go elsewhere and enjoy their lives far away from such arrogant pr*cks.

The left cannot win the war(s) of ideas; They have to indulge their feelings as a teenager would to make everything right in the world, always ignoring the fact that it always does the opposite."
From a commenter HERE.

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