Thursday, December 24, 2015

Commentary on Islam

The following posts below this one are illustrations of the split in Islam, or rather the "apparent" split. The Peaceful Islam is the segment which does not recognize much of the Qur'an as it is written. Peaceful Islam is based on human interpretations, from humans who are designated to be "men of understanding". But who designates them as such? On what basis do they have the intellectual and moral authority to change the prophet's words? Is their authority determined merely by the size of their following?

The other side of the split is comprised of those who read and believe the Qur'an, and take it at its word - the revealed word of the deity via the Prophet. From the outside this appears to have at least a rational basis for authority, given that the Qur'an is the (only slightly adulterated) word of the deity as revealed to the revered and perfect prophet of the deity.

Further, when even the Peaceful Muslim actually reads and studies the Qur'an, there is a tendency to become "radicalized", which is the terminology applied to those who adhere to the Qur'an's text and the exemplary life of the prophet.

And the strict interpreters of the Qur'an find it congenial to use the Friendly Muslims as cover and foils for their activities.

Qur'anic Islam is not peaceful. To claim otherwise is false, and from a western vantage point, heretical.

That means that westerners who make declarations about "what Islam is", are being duped if they think, as they are told, that Islam is a "religion of Peace".

It is not.

There is more HERE: The LURE of FANTASY ISLAM.

'I'm a Christian and I Love the Qur'an': Admirable, or Contradictory?
A stupid and ignorant statement if there ever was one. Contains references to Qur'anic verses condemning Christianity and Christians.


Robert Coble said...

For Dragon fang:


The only True(TM) version of the Holy Qur'an is the Arabic one. You do not have the the Arabic language skills nor the cultural context to interpret the Holy Qur'an, nor the approval of the four Islamic sources of temporal authority required to interpret the Holy Qur'an as a licensed Islamic scholar. You are a HATER of all that is good and wise that Allah the Magnificent has provided for you via His Messenger, The Prophet (PBUH).

How dare you attempt to contradict the received wisdom of the ages with your Aristotellian logic, reason, philosophy, science, and all of those things that so corrupt the peoples of the Western nations from accepting the True(TM) Faith and the religion of peace!

Off with your damned head, infidel dog or pig!

(I never can figure out if it's the Jews who are dogs and the Christians who are pigs, or vice versa; help a brother out, Dragon fang! If the Christians came from the Jews, does that mean evolution is true, and new religious species can arise in a very short time period, like in three days? Does that mean that Muslims are the last link in the religious evolutionary chain?)

For Dragon fang:

To all, including Dragon fang: have a very Merry Christ Mass as we celebrate the Winter Solstice!

Robert Coble said...

Well, darn! I put in a pseudo-HTML statement turning on (and off) the "sarcasm" font. Lo and behold, Chrome took that as an actual HTML statement, applied it, and then removed it from the post. Goodness! It's getting very hard to write anything with the tools deciding what is and is not acceptable.

Stan said...

Yeh. I started using curly brackets for faux commands: {}.

Phoenix said...


Perhaps I could be of assistance. You see, the term dog is often associated with women in Islamic texts. The term "ape" is a euphemism for Christians. And whenever Muhammad mentions "pigs" he is course lovingly referring to the Jews.

Robert Coble said...

Phoenix, thank you for the clarification from this ape!