Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hispanic Leftist Assert Their Own Racism Overtly and Obviously

From Ann:
Ironically, talking like that, they sound like traitors to American culture.

"Liberal Hispanic activists assail Rubio, Cruz as 'traitors' to their culture."

I'm using my "liberalism" tag, but what they are saying does not deserve the word "liberalism."

The OED defines "liberalism" as "Support for or advocacy of individual rights, civil liberties, and reform tending towards individual freedom, democracy, or social equality; a political and social philosophy based on these principles... Freedom from bias, prejudice, or bigotry; open-mindedess, tolerance; (Polit.) liberal left-wing political views and policies." Only that last part, "liberal left-wing political views and policies," applies. I should just use my "left-wing ideology" tag. Avoid the confusion.
So if hispanics are expected to obey US laws, it is treason. That is racist flat-out. But that is in line with the history of the Democrat Party, which has been racist for generations. Why stop now?


Hugo Pelland said...

Stan, regardless of one's opinion, don't you see a problem with commenting on a blog, which comments on an article, which comment on what someone said, which is not referenced?

Stan said...

Actually, no. It's a newspaper, so it's a primary source. The reporter/author of the article is the source. All link chains must end somewhere. I have followed some which are circular, but most end at a primary source which is fairly easy to find. Most web-based news accumulator sources link mostly to primary sources. Drudge has gotten caught out a few times by linking to phony sources, but not very often. In no manner am I representing myself as a primary source. Like Will Rogers and Barack Obama, all I know is what I read in the newspapers.

Hugo Pelland said...

Right, it does seem legit here actually.