Saturday, December 12, 2015

ISIS Is SO Snooty!

They don't give any chance to the Left to love them...
Can the Left Learn to Love ISIS?

The left has spent so much time finding ideological common ground with the likes of Hamas or Al Qaeda that it is baffled by ISIS because the group shares many of the same tactics and goals as these terror groups, but makes no attempt to find common ground with the left to employ its people as useful idiots.

That is one reason why so many progressive pundits and experts profess to be so baffled by ISIS ideology as to insist that it doesn’t have one and that its members are just a bunch of random barbaric savages.

ISIS has a highly developed ideology, but they [The Left; ed.] are incapable of recognizing it because it lacks any of the left-wing policy points they are used to hearing from even the worst Islamic terror groups.

The Islamic State directs all its propaganda to Muslims. It shows no interest in recruiting the left to its cause. It views the Caliphate as a reality and sees no need to lie to the left.
C'mon now, what's Radical Islam without a little Takiyya? (uh oh, does that make me a target now? I'm changing my name to Ahmed Muammad. They'll never find me.)

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