Saturday, December 5, 2015

Leftist Pre-blaming Failures

San Bernardino Shootings Destroy Leftist Narrative After Leftist Narrative

Over the last 48 hours, the unserious parade of clown leftists in politics and the media have jumped on every narrative rake in sight. They desperately wanted the shooting in San Bernardino to be a right-winger with an NRA tramp stamp gone mad. Instead, it turned out to be two Muslims who dropped their six-month-old baby off in order to pursue killing.

Here’s how the left desperately attempted to spin narrative after narrative – and will continue to spin in the coming days, ignoring the very real threat of radical Islam.

It Must Be Pro-Lifers! In the aftermath of the left’s gleeful attempts to tie clinically insane person Robert Dear to the entire pro-life movement, they initially thought they’d hit the narrative gold mine again: a Planned Parenthood was located near the shooting location! How near? Well, not that near. At least a mile away, it turns out. But that didn’t stop Sam Stein of Huffington Post from tweeting:

Planned Parenthood is about 1.3 miles from site of shooting. CNN, however, is reporting that the shooting didn’t take place there

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) December 2, 2015

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Robert Coble said...

The provocation was right there in the headlines:

"A CHRISTMAS party with a trivia game — and then the shooting started" - LA Times (hardly a right-wing rag)

In light of the NY Daily News cover on the San Bernardino shooting: 'God isn't fixing this', perhaps a significant line of Federal investigation will be why a government office was illegally holding a religious service in violation of the strict "wall of separation" between Christian church and state. No wonder that the poor Muslim, faced with such hatred from Christians (and reportedly at least one Jew - there has to be at least one Jew in the story to give it nuance), had no choice but to go home, get his wife, and kill the bastards responsible. It was obviously a spontaneous retaliation for violating his Constitutional right to worship, free from any presence of another religion. It could only have taken a few minutes to load up 1600 rounds of ammo, 2 rifles and 2 pistols, make a triple pipe bomb (remote controlled) and another 12 pipe bombs, don the attack gear, rent a black SUV, drop the kid off at the grandparents, and return to the "unsafe space" to wipe the bastards out. Global climate change caused the guns to force them to fire against their will, because "religion of [ETERNAL] peace".

So, are we making much progress with those "very extensive screening procedures" for all those 250,000 Syrian (not really) refugees who will soon be flooding into the United States? I understand that Tashfeen Malik underwent that same very extensive screening process before she was issued a K-1 (Does "K-1" stand for "KILL-1"?!?) visa, and she was from a putatively "friendly" Arab country, Pakistan, in spite of the fact that she was raised for most of her life in Saudi Arabia.

Whoa! Wait a second: didn't most of the 9-11 "tourists" who lost their lives trying to fly those planes around the World Trade Center (after the pilots mysteriously died of natural causes while in flight) originate from Saudi Arabia?!? Is it even remotely possible that there is some sort of tenuous connection between the Wahabi sect of Islam and these "workplace violence" incidents?!?

Nah. Nothing to see there; it's purely coincidental. Go back to sleep little sheep; the big bad wolf is not already inside your house. He's just a figment of a diseased Islamophobic right-wing nut job mind.

Robert Coble said...

IN a quick reference to PBHO (may the religion of peace descend upon him), I heard a commentator saying that the "no fly" list is the new "solution" to all the world's ills vis-a-vis the religion of peace. With all that very careful vetting process available, why would we turn to the "no fly" list WHICH DID NOT HAVE EITHER OF THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ON IT?!?

Insanity, thy name is Obama.