Saturday, December 26, 2015

Remember When Obama Promised to Take No Vacations?


Steven Satak said...

Obama is a liar? Well, we knew that. We the People elected him - and Bill - and soon, Hillary - knowing full well they were con artists full of shit. But most of us figured by the time they got caught, we'd have gotten our bit of the loot and disappeared into the crowd.

Too bad the real world doesn't work like that. Too bad that's exactly the line con artists have been using on suckers for centuries. The suckers never learn and there is no shortage of them. THey know it's coming out of some other guy's pocket, but they figure (a) no one can trace it to them if things go wrong and (2) those other guys have stuff I don't, so fuck them - oh, and (3) this is the government doing the redistribution, so you can't say 'no' and look the other way, motherfucker!

Someone has to pay, in the end. None of this is free. It irks me that Bill Clinton still walks free of prison orange. I would like to see justice done.

Stan said...

Both Bill and Hillary are criminals. They will never pay the price. Bill would be the first president convicted of rape. Hillary would be the first Secretary of State convicted of aiding and abetting the enemy (treason). But... they are Democrats, the party of no objective truth and no morals.