Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sharia In LA?

After Jihadist Mass Murder, CAIR’s Sharia Agenda Rolls On
By Andrew C. McCarthy

"You may see this as Islamist audacity – even, dare we say, chutzpah. Actually, it is business as usual.

In San Bernardino, heartbroken families are preparing to bury the 14 innocent people murdered last week by Islamic jihadists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They are tending to another 21 wounded by the married terrorists. Meanwhile the Los Angeles chapter of CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) is pressing child custody authorities in California to comply with Islamic law – sharia – in the placement of the six-month-old infant the terrorist couple left behind.

They may not be saying that that is what they are doing, but that is what they are doing.

In the long term, CAIR-LA is pushing to have the child placed with Farook’s sister, Saira Khan. This is going on, mind you, even as FBI Director James Comey told a Senate committee today that the Islamic supremacist couple had been discussing jihad and martyrdom for the last two years (i.e., beginning before Malik immigrated to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia in 2014). Farook may even have plotted a terrorist attack in 2012.

Even before Director Comey’s testimony, we knew Farook’s mother was living with the couple in what was a bomb factory teeming with ammunition, and that his father was well aware that Farook was an admirer of the Islamic State (ISIS). One might figure, oh I don’t know, maybe CAIR would want to think twice before asking the authorities to place the infant with members of this family. But no."
Perhaps if the family is jailed for complicity, it would slow things down a mite. Maybe CAIR should be probed for complicity as well.

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