Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Vector of this Blog

This blog does wander around. The subject of Atheism covers a lot of ground, from its decidedly Leftist bent, its self-authorized morality (if any), to science, Scientism, evolution and Darwinism vs. morality and rationality, and so on.

Lately the cultural aspect has dominated, with Islam taking the fore. And I have come to the following conclusion: there are significant similarities between Atheism and liberal, peaceful Islam.

For example, both consider human wisdom to trump religious revelation. Neither asserts any human contact with a deity. Both veer off into controlled societies when the liberalism wears off and the strictness of their actual fundamental worldviews take over. When they ultimately do revert to fundamentalism, violence becomes an option in order to protect their cherished narratives. Neither respects any rules outside of its predetermined narrative. Both squelch western-type freedoms and are tolerant only of adherents to their respective worldviews. Both use western technology while despising the culture which produced it. Both are based in non-coherent first principles. Neither admits it.

So technically, both groups are, or tend toward, closed groups which entertain little in the way of western logic and democracy and rather depend on the wisdom contained in themselves and others just like them.

They are dissimilar in ways too. Islam is not Philosophically Materialist, and Atheism is. Islamics tend to congregate rather than assimilate, Atheists not so much, although the Leftist faction does to some extent (identifying politically together, tending to be bi-coastal in the USA).

So the direction of this blog has interestingly been in the direction of monitoring and assessing entire cultures, the logic of their worldviews, their attempts to shift culture in order to totally own the worldview of everyone, and objective history being covered and lost (e.g. Democrat racism for two and a half centuries; re-assertion of Marxist class war despite its astonishing failures).

So actually there are vectors in all directions, on almost all subjects. (except sports I guess).


Hugo Pelland said...

You could expand this:
There are significant similarities between Atheism, liberal peaceful Islam, liberal Christianity, liberal Hinduism, other secular liberals, social liberals but economic conservatives, etc... Basically, anyone who is not an American Conservative.

Plus, we can say the same the other way around. Conservative Christians have a lot in common with Conservative Muslims: Strict rules as to how one should live, traditional families, usually with strong father figure and classical gender role, view homosexuality as an abomination, reject the science of evolution, view God as a literal creator figure that watches and judges humans, pro-war, anti-abortion...

Stan said...

Are you saying that only American conservatives believe in liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, i.e., the constitutional Bill of Rights?

You may be right, and if so, that is tragic.

Every time the UN produces a "rights" bill, it is actually a removal of rights, for example the Rights of the Child (or whatever that is called) removes parental rights and gives them to the authorities (whoever they are). Or Religous Freedom means "no criticism of Islam".

Perhaps the world is not good enough to allow personal freedom - that's the position of Islam, and pretty much that of the Left.

Stan said...

If the world of humans is not good enough to allow personal freedom, then the only remaining question is "who will be the dictator?" And that is Nietzsche's premise for the ubermenchen who will fight it out for total control with their superior "Will to Power". So the earth reverts to totalitarianism-by-war. We've seen where that leads, so we know empirically how wonderful that is.

Stan said...

Unfortunately American conservatives are not a pure group either. The Republicans have a conservative "wing", but that wing is dominated by RINOs and "cuckservatives" (phony conservatives who capitulate to every Leftist whim - a term derive from the term, "cuckhold"). And most of the actual, shall we call them "constitutionalists, are not represented in government to any degree. This was amply demonstrated by Paul Ryan and the Omnibus financial largesse package just passed in the Republican House of Representatives.

Nor are they Libertarians, either. The US COnstitution is not libertarian, and is not suicidal. There is a Constitution Party, but it is trivial and I don't know anything about it.

Hugo Pelland said...

"Are you saying that only American conservatives believe in liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, i.e., the constitutional Bill of Rights?"

Of course not; I didn't mention any of that because that's actually what we have in common! And not just Americans, since these are actually widespread human values. We disagree on the implementation and limitations of each principle. And so do people within groups, especially the larger it is. Thats why you have, for instance, leftist/liberals agreeing with rightwing/conservative that SJWs are infringing free speech.

Robert Coble said...

The only reason leftists/liberals are agreeing with rightwing/conservatives that SJWs are infringing free speech is because they themselves have personally been subject to the "point and shriek attacks of the SJWs for not being SJW enough temselves.

What do you call a liberal who has been mugged by SJWs: a conservative.

What do you call a conservative who has been mugged by cuckservative SJWs (redundant, I know): a Trump supporter.

Hugo Pelland said...

No Robert, the only reason leftists/liberals are agreeing with rightwing/conservatives that SJWs are infringing free speech is because they actually care about free speech.

I am glad to see that many individuals from otherwise opposite groups agree on this, but it's sad to see the same black-or-white mentality from some (mostly Conservatives?) who refuse to acknowledge that reality is much more subtle and complex than a constant labeling of people into 2 opposite groups on every single issue. On the other hand, the anti-SJWs/PC Liberal folks seem to get it (again, more than Conservatives?) and clearly state that who they usually would associate with, as Liberals, are not in agreement on these free speech related issues.

Stan said...

Are you... serious??

Stan said...

Oh I get it. Your usage of "liberal" is referring to the classical liberal, not really Leftists. Leftists are the class warriors, not conservatives and classical liberals. For example, racism has ALWAYS been the underlying foundation of the Democrats. Class War is a Marxist, Leftist favorite.

Robert Coble said...

If the definition of "classical liberal" is researched, you will find that ti corresponds to a worldview and philosophy that is somewhere to the right of where conservative (NOT cuckservative!) is defined to be in today's politics.

Stan said...

One definition of classic liberalism would be contained in the US Constitution.

Robert Coble said...

Another definition would be this:

Classical Liberalism vs. Modern Liberalism and Modern Conservatism