Tuesday, December 22, 2015

They'd Be Right At Home in American Universities

Migrants dump rubbish in the streets in protest over the fact the free Italian villa they have been given does not have a CLEANER and wi-fi

"Migrants have dumped rubbish in the streets in protest at not getting a cleaner or wi-fi at the free villa they have been given for shelter.

The 24 refugees are up in arms after demanding someone clean up after them in the Italian duplex where they have been housed since arriving from sub-Saharan Africa last summer.

They are also angry at not being provided free internet, which has prevented them from contacting relatives back home.

The demonstrations, which first took place last week, also blocked main roads in the town of Ceranova, near Milan, sparking heated rows with members of the local community
We be Victims! Do our bidding!

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