Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Whoa. What Happened To MultiCulti?

Now who would guess that this would happen in unlimited immigration countries?
Norway 'paying' asylum seekers to return home as refugee crisis continues
A government scheme gives a set financial reward of thousands of kroner, on top of paying for flights
Looks like a chance to visit Norway for half price... and maybe stay for free in one of their immigrant centers. I'm not sure how much a kroner is, but you might get some good shopping done too.


Phoenix said...

What Atheists don't want you to know.

Fun Fact 1: More than 86% of Norwegians are members of the Lutheran church

Fun Fact 2: It's compulsory to teach Christianity in Norwegian primary and lower secondary schools.
Here's an excerpt from the Norwegian Education Act:
The object of primary and lower secondary education shall be, in agreement and co-operation with the home, to help to give pupils a Christian and moral upbringing, to develop their mental and physical abilities, and to give them good general knowledge so that they may become useful and independent human beings at home and in society.”

Brilliant! Ain't it?

Phoenix said...

Oops, forgot to share the link:

Norwegian Education Act:

Stan said...

So much for the Atheist narrative.