Friday, December 18, 2015

Will This Never End?

Bruce Jenner Reappearing?? Jenner not happy with being a woman? Will he undo his surgeries? Can his adams-apple be restored? Who gets his boobs? Is E! in on this scoop? Who all "told him so"?
The masses MUST know!


Steven Satak said...

As long as it garners ratings and flatters Bruce Jenner's massively swollen ego, no. It will not end.

My question is: will he keep the 'Woman of the Year' award?

Robert Coble said...

Wouldn't it have been quicker, less expensive, and less painful to have just had penile enhancement surgery and be done with it?!?

NO! That would have eliminated the possibilities of virtue-signaling as a SJW, bravely undergoing the knife in order to experience first-hand the wonderful life of a transgender sans-sense person, retaining the Lard-Assian Family grip on the public.

Sweet Jesus, the "woe:man" is a mental case!

Rikalonius said...

I'm going to wallow in schadenfreude. I have a few people who told me I was a hateful bigot that I intend to revisit very soon when this becomes a little more solidified.