Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Interview With David Silverman

Meet the Fox News atheist —
the man Bill O’Reilly calls a fascist and Sean Hannity thinks is evil

[Ed.: My comments are in brackets and bold, just like this. Caution: sarcasm ahead.]

"I asked him what his goal was.

“I’m not seeking to outlaw religion,” he answered.
[Remember this when you read further down]

“Every American has the right to practice a religion. But we would be a freer state, healthier, if we dropped the myths of yesteryear. We’d be a more knowledgeable country. Just look at Scandinavia. We see the positive effects of atheism there.”
[Oh yes! Ya gotta love what has been done to Scandinavian countries by the AtheoLeft]

The most critical flaw of faith, he told me, was the notion it offers of an “objective morality” – that is, unquestionable, immutable, heaven-decreed moral absolutes that cannot evolve as our consciousness does. “The lie of objective morality that make people do bad things and think they’re doing good,” with ISIS atrocities and attacks on abortion clinics serving as obvious examples thereof. Such murderers “think they’re doing God’s work, they think they’re doing good.”
[All religion is ISIS and abortion abbatoir attackers; that’s a revelation]

I asked why he chose the present moment to publish “Fighting God.”

“We’re seeing this rise in religious hatred all over the world,” he said, “and a pushback against criticizing religion. Yet religion is the problem.
[Well, it's not the problem in China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Scandinavia, the EU, etc. And not all religion.]
We see its influence all over, in abortion, gay rights, climate change.
[Oh my yes. To be against killing one’s progeny, rampant buggering, and data molesting is defined as EVIL – objective and TRUE EVIL. It has been revealed as such by… the evangelist Silverman! So it is an objective absolute.]

In Europe, the rise of Islam” – especially with the influx of Muslim refugees – “is leading to the rise of firebrand atheism, as atheists are being pushed into realizing that they have something to fight, and something to defend.
[Hm. So it’s only Atheists who realize this? Who Knew? Atheists must be the Islamophobes everyone talks about.]

In Heidelberg and Basil and Zurich I spoke to packed crowds who wanted to know more about firebrand atheism because of the fear of the rise of Islam.
[Wait, it’s ALL religion, right? Why just Islam?]

Religion is hurting our species, it’s hurting the entire world, and yet we protect it.
[That’s better. It IS all religion, then.]

We need to put religion in its place, which is back in the church.” He paused. “Religion is a scam, a lie codified in our society, demanding respect, even from the non-religious, and cannot be challenged.
[So – you had to go to Europe to challenge religion? It's codified in the USA? Like a law? Again, who knew? I could swear that you have challenged religion for a living in the USA.]

But religious opinions are opinions just like any other opinions. It’s about time for the lie to come to an end, for the lie to die.”
[So religion is a lie, which is to die? And not to be allowed? OK, then. That’s what I thought you were all about! Now confirmed.]

“How exactly is it a scam?”

“A scam takes money from people for a promise that’s never kept. Religion tells people they will get to heaven. But they never get to heaven.
[Alriiiight! Promise never kept! There's no heaven! There must be facts and data coming next to support this claim; I can’t wait!]

Religion lies, takes money, funnels money to preachers and then demands respect.
[Whoa, what happened to the PROOF? This is not proof. It is a blanket condemnation based on lack of evidence cum ignorance of actual religion. Again where is the objective empirical proof for this? Obviously it's not required, since the Atheist evangelist has declared "religion" to be EVIL... absolutely, objectively, morally EVIL. So it's the Atheist MORAL CODE.]

No really powerful god would have to demand respect. So I refuse to give respect.”
[Oh, now I understand. You know precisely what a deity would do, because… um, why?]

Does disrespecting faith work as a tactic?

“Yes! When no one shows disrespect for religion, those inside the churches feel afraid and abandoned.
[Oh man. You are so powerful that believers actually cower at your disrespect? Impressive!]

Yet religion deserves no more respect than tarot cards or astrology.
[Uh oh. Bad analogy. Those things can be tested empirically.]

This is an outreach effort to those inside the churches.
[Oh yes! Those inside churches are desperate to hear how superior you are to them and their inferior, backward ways which you disrespect with such splendiferous arrogance and intellectual emptiness. Yes, that’ll work.]

We’re saying, you can get out! We can grow the movement by spreading atheism, but also by getting atheists who don’t call themselves atheists to call themselves what they are.
[So they're all held captive in there? And your Atheism will free them to hate like you do? That’s the way to dream.]

Ninety percent of atheists don’t call themselves atheists; the real number [of atheists] isn’t 3 percent but 35 percent.
[Not according to the experts who take the polls.]

All I need to do to multiply the movement by a factor of ten is get atheists to call themselves atheists, we don’t have to change opinions about God. There are even atheists behind pulpits.”
[Yes. Dream the Dream! So many people can't wait to hate... you can lead the way!]

What Silverman is cannot be characterized as evidence-based, logic-based or rational; he is an evangelist who spouts hatred for religion. In other words, an evangelistic hate monger in pseudo-rational clothes.

There is more at the SITE, but I stopped here because it is enough to demonstrate the “thought” process of the guy.


Phoenix said...

Sliverman demonstrates the slimy scumbag approach taken by Atheists;

First he points out the undeniable atrocities committed by muslim terrorists; then he points out the abortion clinic bombings which killed like 6 people during a 20 year period, hoping his audience will make the link between Islam and christianity, all the while ignoring the deadly attacks on religious people by militant atheists during the last decade alone.

Phoenix said...

One more thing:

Wasn't Albania like an Atheist nation prior to being modern Europe's first muslim majority nation?

We're seeing history repeat itself with the likes of scandinavia,germany, et al.

JBsptfn said...

And Atheism is supposed to be logical (lol). It is logical: It logically sucks.