Saturday, January 9, 2016

And Rape Laws Too


Robert Coble said...

I predicted that (eventually) there might be as many as 1500 emails that contained classified information. So far, the count is over 1300 and climbing. The interesting things are yet to happen. Will the FBI recommend criminal prosecution of the Hildebeast in an open and shut case? If so, will Obama/Lynch ignore the recommendation? If so, will lower-level FBI employees leak the inside story ala Watergate/Deep Throat?

We are in the process of fulfilling the old Chinese curse:

May you live in "interesting" times!

Stan said...

Here's a scenario I prefer:
Obama allows Hillary to go to jail in order to set up Bernie for the next presidency. Hillary goes to prison with the dykes; Bernie loses.

I doubt that this would happen, though, because although the Left hates itself, it refuses to allow Leftists to get justice served to them. Obama is really, really into that.