Thursday, January 28, 2016

Click Update

Melissa Click has been suspended from her Associate Professor position at U MO.
Controversial U of Missouri Professor Suspended

The University of Missouri Board of Curators announced late Wednesday that it was suspending Melissa Click, who teaches communications at the university's flagship campus in Columbia. Click was recently charged with misdemeanor assault in relation to her videotaped blocking of a student journalist during last fall's campus protests. She has apologized for the action, but many Republican legislators have called for her dismissal. Faculty members, while not defending her actions during the protests, have said she should not be fired.

The statement from the university board said: "The Board of Curators directs the general counsel, or outside counsel selected by general counsel, to immediately conduct an investigation and collaborate with the city attorney and promptly report back to the board so it may determine whether additional discipline is appropriate."
Is democracy finally rising from its slumber?

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Steven Satak said...

An associate professor of Communications, suspended for telling people to shut up? That's ironic.