Thursday, January 14, 2016

Don't Cry For Me, Al Gore!

Evidence that Polar Bears and their prey seals have existed through multiple periods of complete sea-ice-free Arctic temperature cycles:
Biological response to climate change in the Arctic Ocean:
the view from the past

If, as DNA and fossil evidence
suggests, polar bears and their primary prey, ringed
seals and other prey such as walruses, have existed
for at least 125 ka and likely hundreds of thousands of
years, then they experienced extreme climate conditions
of glacial periods as well as partially or completely
summer sea-ice-free interglacial periods (MIS 11, MIS 5
and the early Holocene). Microfossil proxy evidence for
southward expansion of sea ice during glacial periods
implies that vertebrate species that are dependent on sea
ice habitat might have also migrated southward into the
Nordic and Bering Sea-North Pacific regions.
The earth and its denizens have survived global warming before, multiple times. But the AGW Narrative and Panic Pushers will not likely change their hysterical position of Deadly Doom. It's how they make their living.

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