Sunday, January 31, 2016

EU Leaders In Full Denialism Mode: The Narrative Is Endangered

EU leaders insist there is 'NO LINK' between the migrant crisis and New Year sex attacks in Cologne - and vow to bring about an end to 'false accusations'

European Commission wants to 'unconditionally reject' link, minutes show

Officials are also growing concerned about possibility of a public backlash

Hundreds of women filed sexual assault complaints after wave of attacks

Internal minutes were taken at a cabinet meeting for officials on January 13


Steven Satak said...

I wonder sometimes what the citizens themselves think of all this flat denial, and then doubling down, with the situation being what it is.

I have an associate who lives in Germany. He is adamantly anti-police, pro-immigrant. I openly speculated how long he would remain that way when the immigrants came to his town and began raping the local women. It goes without saying this fellow is an unmarried man. I use the term 'man' lightly; like him as I do, I still think of him as wearing pajamas and sipping a cocoa.

Stan said...

That would be interesting to watch. There are not only rapes, there is also rampant robbery; perhaps that might affect him more... although some of the rapes are against small boys, so how does he feel about that?

Here again we have the Scott Adams numbers game: how many assaults/deaths will he accept in order to maintain his leftist "tolerance" virtue-creds? All the while knowing that he, specifically, will not be the one raped, robbed or assaulted, of course.

Steven Satak said...

My friend constantly virtue-signals with clever smoke-and-mirrors JPGs - you're familiar with the type, they make some 'bold' claim that can never be answered because the perps are unknown.

I'm this close to shutting off the torrent of leftist spam coming from his FB account, but still need to keep in touch with him. After I pay the bills, off it goes.