Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hacking Hillary: Some Emails "Above Top Secret?"

Hillary Clinton's private emails may have contained information classified above "top secret."

A Jan. 14 letter from Charles McCullough, inspector general for the intelligence community, indicated "several dozen" private emails contained information ranging from "confidential" to "special access programs," or SAP, a unique kind of intelligence that is considered more sensitive than top secret.

Access to SAP is highly restricted and fiercely protected by the intelligence community.

Officials from an unnamed intelligence agency must now work with the State Department to decide how the SAP emails will be handled in an open Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that will require State to publish all of Clinton's emails by Jan. 29.

McCullough sent the letter to lawmakers last week after receiving a sworn declaration from intelligence officials involved in the process of screening emails for release through the high-profile FOIA case. One official told NBC News that McCullough and members of his staff had to receive a higher security clearance just to read the declaration given its high level of classification.

The discovery of such sensitive material on Clinton's private server may heighten scrutiny in an already high-profile security probe of the personal network Clinton established while serving as secretary of state.
I wonder if foreign hackers have donated to the Clinton machine?

As an aside, there is the question of what happens if Hillary is NOT indicted. The rule of law in the USA will be seen as having completely collapsed, with the privileged completely outside the law. So why should anyone else obey any federal laws?

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Rikalonius said...

I have held a TS clearance and been read in to a few special access programs. If it were anyone but a protected politician with a (D) behind their name, they would already be breaking big rocks into little rocks at Leavenworth. It's an absolute disgrace how people like me have to be vetted with intrusive interviews of both ourselves and those who know us, but you can just get some political appointment based on how much of a rump-swab you are and bam! Access to some of the country's most restrictive intelligence. The Dems know there is no will on the other side of the isle to prosecute one of their own. We don't need a third party, as I've heard others say, we need a second one.